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Underwater in the Cook Islands with the TG-6

When it comes to action cameras it's all about having gear that's capable of handling the conditions. Whether you're skiing, diving, BMX riding or just out and about splashing in puddles, they need to be able to handle a bit of wear and tear. 

The Tough TG-6 does just that and looks good while doing it. Hidden inside a snazzy little compact camera exterior, it can withstand temperatures down to -10 degrees Celcius (14 degrees Fahrenheit)  or venture underwater to depths of 15 metres. Plus it's crushproof, up to 100kgs, dustproof and features anti-fog technology, ideal for underwater photography!

I took the TG-6 into the tropical lagoons of the Cook Islands in the Pacific Ocean. With balmy warm temperatures, perhaps some of the clearest conditions in the world, the TG-6 was on hand to capture the action above and below the water level. 

As with most cameras, you always need to ensure the locks provided are put in place to stop any unwanted water getting into the interior, apart from that though there's really nothing too different you need to do. Pop in a memory card fully charged battery and jump in!

All settings can be controlled using similar dials to the larger Olympus OM-D cameras with the ability to shoot in Aperture and Manual modes or switch over to the more automatic 'Underwater' mode so you can spend more time looking for fish. A major benefit of shooting with the TG-6 is its ability to capture RAW files. You can even capture both RAW and JPEG Fine files just inc case you want to have both types available. Once it's time to edit your images, the RAW files offer increased image quality and enable you to enhance your image and get a little creative.

Take a peek at some of the images taken on the TG-6 in the Cook Islands...also, the fish seemed to really love the camera too!


Images and words by OM SYSTEM Ambassador Lisa Michele Burns